Yaxin CAT, a translation platform for Chinese to/from English translation, is a set of translation integrated processing system which contains translation service platform, translation management platform, vocabulary unification platform and vocabulary resource database. At present, Yaxin CAT is listed into 2000 National New Products Program by State Science and Technology Commission. Yaxin CAT is the pioneer in the country to propose the completely new conception of Computer Aided Translation (hereinafter short for CAT). Different from Machine Translation (MT), Yaxin CAT is a kind of computer aided translation system which integrates the internationally advanced Translation Memory (TM) technology and flexible human-machine interaction mode. By effective control of each module before, during and after the translation, the quality of translated version is assured, overall translation efficiency is improved and consistency of terminology and translation method is guaranteed. According to hundreds of test users, when using Yaxin CAT, their translation quality is by far higher than human translation. What¡¯s encouraging, their translation speed increased by two to four times while their work intensity is reduced by more than 2/3.

As a translation aid, Yaxin CAT differs greatly from other machine translation software in that: in stead of letting computer substitute human in translation, it gives priority to human, leaving computer software serve as an aid only. It is known to all that the reason why translation software constantly disappointed its users in recent years is that its automatic translation accuracy is too low. The most outstanding features of Yaxin CAT is its super capacity of specialized vocabulary (containing 78 super specialized lexicon, 6 million entries, 1 million sample sentences, with easy adding and fixing of user¡¯s lexicon) and its distinguishing memory function. It can automatically add translated material to user¡¯s knowledge base and is with highly improved intelligence, thus greatly reducing duplication of labor and the time to look up the dictionaries and search information.

People concerned from Translators¡¯ Association of Chinese Academy of Science point out that serving as the most forefront propellant of science and technology development, scientific translation shoulders the historic task of introducing advanced technologies from abroad. After China joined WTO, international exchange becomes more and more frequent, so the translation accuracy and speed required by companies is improving day by day. As a result, translation work must be relieved from mechanical and onerous labor with low added value (like looking up dictionaries, searching historical data, inputting, repeated translation, typesetting and so on), leaving translators concentrated on improving the translation accuracy and achieving the goal of faithfulness, expressiveness and elegance in the real sense. By far, translation tools go through the following three stages: dictionary, electronic dictionary and CAT software. Only by using computer aided translation software to assist human in improving translation accuracy and efficiency can translation cause really step into high-tech era.

The latest version of Yaxin CATS4.0 not only inherits the merits of translation memory and human-machine interaction from Yaxin CAT2.5 but also enhances Yaxin CAM, Yaxin CAP and multiple documents format processing function. What¡¯s more it adds project management, proofreading plug-in and database (vocabulary, memory) management tools. The project management system of Yaxin CAT4.0 supports the processing of mass database. Its advantage is much more outstanding and the improved efficiency more prominent especially when it is used to process large translation project.

Supported Translation Languages
Supporting the mutual translation of English, French, Russian, German, Japanese, and the languages that Microsoft Windows supports.
Supported File Formats It Processes
TXT: ANSI£¬Unicode£¬ UTF-7£¬ UTF-8 and any character set.
Office Documents: MS Word and any document that Word could open.
Excel Documents: Capable of processing Excel form documents.
PPT Documents: Capable of processing the translation of files in PPT format.
IE Documents: Able to directly translate in the browser format files.
Database Files: Able to process the translation of table field words in the database.

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