Quality is the foundation for a company¡¯s survival and further development. Therefore, after long-time practice and research, mandarine has formed a complete work flow and management model, assuring that we can provide accurate and highly efficient translation service.

1. Translation Team:
Depending on our huge translation talents team, mandarine is capable of meeting customers¡¯ different translation needs regardless of specialty, language and grade. Pute industry or language experts are not necessarily translation experts. mandarine recruits new translators based on their language proficiency, specialized knowledge, comprehensive ability and other aspects.

2. Work Flow:
Standardized work flow enables that each translation project is done with high efficiency and quality. From the time we receive documents from our customers, we lay emphasis on the system of ¡°appointing special person for special case¡±, making sure to which specialized field the material belong and analyzing the degree of specialization. We divide the documents from specialty knowledge to specific field, then choose the most suitable translator, achieving the goal of ¡°documents matching translator¡¯s major¡± in the real sense. For frequenters and long-time customers, we make proprietary vocabulary list for them to keep the unique translation style unchanged, providing truly individualized service.

3. Project Management:
When confronting the fact that there are big projects or projects to be finished in a pressing time limit, mandarine would organize several translation teams, analyzing each request, making specialized vocabulary lists, and then deciding the language style and translation format. During the working process, a translation manager is in charge of comprehensive monitoring and coordination to make sure the project is running smoothly. Integrity of translated version is of the utmost importance.

4. Double Proofreading:
All the finished translation must undergo strict double proofreading, that is language and professional techniques. From completion of the first draft to being unified, from proofreading to finalizing the version, each step is done with smooth coordination and accurate cooperation. Even for the subtle difference between words, we seek to use the most accurate expression.

5. Interactive Mechanism:
During the whole translation process, customer, translator and the company all plays an irreplaceable role. We are of the opinion that translators should not be isolated in the process because translation process is a whole that need the participation of all three parties. In the following three phases: before translation, during the translation and after translation, mutual communication from these three parties would be required and necessary.

6. Special Person for Special Case:
By using perfect mechanism to train talents, mandarine gathers translation elites from the field. First, mandarine holds internal trainings at regular intervals to improve their translation abilities. Second, mandarine consciously conducts directional trainings for both internal and outsourcing translators to make them become expert translators in one or several fields. mandarine emphasizes the systematization and standardization for translation quality control. Moreover, we make translation standards for translators and proofreaders to help them self-control the quality.
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