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After years of accumulation, mandarine has constructed a massive pool of talents, among which are foreign language professors from college, senior proofreaders from scientific research institutions who receive state allowance, professional translators with long-time translation experience in companies and engineers of science majors but with excellent foreign language skills. We are not only language-proficient but also with abundant translation experience and professional knowledge. We are a sophisticated and elite translation team.



Major Background

Brief Introduction

 Ma Xiaolong

Master of Internal Combustion Engine, Tsinghua University,

Professor, Doctor supervisor, special expert for SAE-China, member of Electric Vehicle Committee affiliated to China Electrotechnical Society, visiting scholar of University of Wisconsin; publishing 5 monographs and more than 90 thesis; editing 4 textbooks; presiding 23 important research projects; tutoring 30 masters, 8 doctors and 1 visiting scholar.

 Guo Baoxia

Chemical Machinery Major, University of Cambridge

Professional senior engineer, receiving life-long special State Council allowance since 1992, chief technical principal in charge of many large projects, being involved in the proofreading of foreign language materials and standard specification for importing projects; the words she translated and proofread exceeding 20 million; expert in translating documents of electromachinery, chemistry, meters and civil construction kind.

 Zhang Chi

Graduate Faculty of North China Institute of Water Conservancy and Hydroelectric Power

Professional senior engineer, visiting scholar of University of Manchesters Institute of Science and Technology; devoting a long time to electromachinery design, automation of electric systems and software development for national key projects, such as Danjiangkou, Geheyan, Gaobazhou, Three Gorges and so forth; translation volume accumulating to more than 2 million.

 Wang Jiawen

Mechanical Technology Major, Harbin Institute of Technology

Senior engineer, Machinery & Electric expert, general engineer to a group company; studied and worked for many years in Britain; top English expert in mechanical technology field.

 Wang Ying

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Bachelor of Finance; back from abroad in 2000, once worked for many foreign accounting firms in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai; with strict work attitude and vocational quality; well cultivated; used to auditing annual financial statements and reports for Shanghai VolksWagen, Siemens, Motorola, etc.

 Wang Wang

English Major of Foreign Language Department, Hubei Normal University

Associate professors of translation; skilled in steel, machinery, electronics and robotization; the words Wang has translated reaching more than 3 million with high accuracy.

 Han Hongmei

Master degree from Machinery & Electric Department, Fudan University

Full professor from Mechanics Department of South China University of Technology; once studied in Australia, familiar with advanced technologies in mechanical industry.

 Lei Qifeng

Bachelor of English Teaching, Wuhan University of Hydrauilc and Electrical Engineering

Engaged in foreign affairs reception and negotiation for introducing equipment, and on-site interpreting for Foreign Affairs Office of Gezhouba Hydroelectric Construction Bureau; translation group leader to Bidding Office for International Projects of Gezhouba Hydroelectric Construction Bureau; assistant to Purchasing Department Manager of Chinese/German Joint Venture Wuhan Beer Co. Ltd., manager of translation department of Wuhan Budweiser Beer International Co. Ltd; from March, 2001 to April, 2003, South Asia Trading Manager and Translator, Bangladesh Senlidekuan Company.

 Wei Xiaoli

English Major of Foreign Language Department, Tongji University,

Frequently going to Italy, France, US and Britain as translator for company staff training and contract negotiation; her translation scale concerning walking beam furnace, drawing exchange, heat treatment, computer processing center, numerical control lathe, cantilever-type copper bar punching machine, oxygen generation equipment and pre-development for coal-fired power plants.

 Zhang Xin

English Major of Foreign Language Department, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology

Associate professors of English translation; used to translate scientific and technical information for a design institute; worked for Shanghai Import and Export Administration Committee in charge of importing machinery and maters, excelling in translating electromachinery, light industry, architecture documents etc.

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