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After years of accumulation, mandarine has constructed a massive pool of talents, among which are foreign language professors from college, senior proofreaders from scientific research institutions who receive state allowance, professional translators with long-time translation experience in companies and engineers of science majors but with excellent foreign language skills. We are not only language-proficient but also with abundant translation experience and professional knowledge. We are a sophisticated and elite translation team.



Major Background

Brief Introduction

 Chen Yongjing

Japanese Major, Central South University of Technology

Associate professor of Japanese translation since 1998; get the bachelorí»s degree in 1982; successively holding the posts of Japanese teacher, Japanese translator for a Engineering Machinery Plant (in Japan for five times as an interpreter and did lots of paper translation), English/Japanese translator for machine tool plant, Japanese translator for a Hong Kong-owned sole corporation and a Taiwan invested company, chief translator for a Sino-Japanese joint-venture company.

 Zhang Ying

Doctor of Chuo University

Once studied Japanese, intelligence processing and Industrial Economy in Japanese College of Architecture and Chuo University; mainly engaged in Japanese simultaneous interpretation and oral interpretation after backing from abroad.

 Yang Qianxi

Doctor of Waseda University

Professor, studied abroad in Japan for three years, went to Japan for eight times; excelling in science and engineering (chemical industry and medical science not included) and environmental protection.

 Li Jianbing

Master of Japanese Department, Wuhan University

Getting his bachelorí»s degree of Scientific Japanese in 1992 from Luoyang Foreign Language College and masterí»s degree from Wuhan University in 1998 to 2001; teaching in a university and a training center; published professional articles and translated books published by Commercial Press and CFLACPC; experienced in translating materials from costume, cosmetology, automobile, and telecommunications field.

 Wu Xunbo

Bachelor of Japanese Language, Dalian University of Foreign Languages

Successively working in Guangdong Shantou Ultrasound Printed Plate Company, Guangzhou Donghong Mobile Communications Company, and an automobile parts and accessories company in Wuhan Dunkou development area, in charge of translation for installation of Japanese equipment; translated and published specialized vocabulary books; presided supplier conference and serving as interpreter for top leadership; participated in market trading, familiar with purchasing, quoting, and international logistics operation.

 Li Yang

Japanese Major, Renmin University of China

Graduating from Renmin University of China in 1993, passed Japanese Level 1 in 1995, worked as a Japanese translator for Wuhan Office of Rixin Transportation, Rixin Transportation Headquarters in Osaka and Omron (China) Shanghai Office.

 Hong Jianmei

Marketing Major, Oita University

Graduated from Fudan University in 1983; worked as lecturer in Jianghan University from1987 to 1994; Marketing Manager of Shanghai Foreign & Trade Committee from 1994 to 1999; now working as a department manager of a Japanese-invested company; used to be one of the 12 people selected by Ministry of the Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation from all the country to further their study in Japan.

 Li Wei

Iwamoto Special College

Went abroad to study in Japan in 1989; since 1993, successively occupied a Japanese translation post in Morinaga Joint-stock Corporation, SEIYO Food Joint-stock Corporation, Chengrong Tradings and Dacheng Landscape Company.

 Tian Tian

Japanese Studies Dept., Nippon Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Automatic Control Department, Huazhong University of Science and Technology from 1986 to 1990; Master of Japanese, Nippon Institute of Technology from 1994 to 1996; Master of International Culture, Meisei University from 1996 to 1997; Master of International Culture , Saitama University from 1997 to 1999; 1990-1994, worked as engineer and translator in Electric Power Bureau of Zhejiang Province; 2000-2001, worked as a translator for YFJCI Co. Ltd; with engineering background and studying-abroad experience; having a good comprehensive strength both in language and technology.

 He Qinghua

Harbin Ship Engineering Institute, majoring in Electrochemistry Manufacturing Technique

Got his bachelorí»s degree in 1993 and masterí»s degree of Applied Chemistry in 1996; acquired doctorí»s degree of Material from Metal Corrosion and Protection Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1999; has been working in a research institute in Shanghai since 1999; passed Japanese Level 1 in 1998; good command of Japanese reading and translation.

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