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Mandarine Translation Co. Ltd. is one of the earliest professional translation institutions concerning foreign affairs in China. Mandarine is now a famous translation brand and specialized provider of translation, interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, website localization, Chinese and foreign language dubbing, foreign meeting service and leasing of simultaneous interpretation equipment, etc.

Mandarine has recruited many talents and all the full-time translators are with more than ten years¡¯ translation experience. After years¡¯ accumulation, Mandarine has gathered more than 3,000 people from all parts of the country, including national proofreaders, professional translators and interpreters from universities and research institutes, as well as technical personnel from various fields with many years¡¯ translating experience. By specialized division of labor, we have reached the goal of ¡°one person specializing in one subject¡± and every person is put to the best use.

Mandarine has established a set of perfect quality control system, standardized operation process and strict proofreading standard. Adopting the advanced theory of using project management, specialized verification and being checked by foreign experts, we are pioneers in the field to employ workflow system and quality control standard. Mandarine strictly upholds human translation work ethic and pursues for the highest translation standard, thus earning itself good reputation day by day.

Our strong point of translation: petroleum and architecture project bidding books, going-abroad files, non-PRC company registration, setting up offices in China for multinational corporations, foreign related contract agreements, patent documents, financial statements which are of law-kind; finance, insurance, management, investment that are concerning economy; medical appliances and package inserts; instruction manuals for IT, electronics, automobile and machinery; cosmetics, biochemical files; food, plant and other agricultural files; foreign newspapers and magazines, publications, TV programmes, videotapes and so on.

Owing to the joint efforts of all company personnel over the years, Mandarine has been improving in translation quality and after-services, making itself the top translation brand in China. Mandarine is being appointed by more and more government organizations and companies as translation service provider.

Mandarine¡¯s special stamp, especially approved by national public security department (Special Approval No. 100199049), can be widely used in notary offices, foreign embassies and consulates in China, Commercial Department of Foreign Trade & Economy Commission in every province in China, household registration management for the police, emigration-immigration control and so on.

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